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Paul Kimmell Submits Robert E. Lee as a Leadership Model


Paul Kimmell's Concept of Leadership On August 5, 2004 Paul Kimmell, Executive Director of the Moscow Chamber of Commerce, presented Confederate General Robert E. Lee as a leadership model for the Chamber to emulate.
Doug Wilson, Steven Wilkins and Southern Slavery As It Was
Plagiarism As It Is As they prepared Southern Slavery As It Was for publication, Douglas Wilson and his co-author, Steven Wilkins, plagiarized extensively from Fogel and Engerman's Time on the Cross: The Economics of American Negro Slavery, a book that was highly criticized by historians of the South.
The Petition A petition, condemning the apparent plagiarism committed by Doug Wilson and Steven Wilkins in the publication of their booklet Southern Slavery As It Was, was distributed for review and signature by local academics.
Cary Christian School and Southern Slavery As It Was North Carolina newspaper article condemning a local school's defense of Southern Slavery As It Was and the school's news release concerning this newspaper article.
Slavery's Delights Illusory Dennis Rogers, Staff Writer for the News and Observer (Raleigh, North Carolina) condemns Southern Slavery As It Was as lunacy.
American Slavery As It Is: Testimony of a Thousand Witnesses (1839) A testimonial to the times as they really were.  Authored by Theodore Dwight Weld and Angelina and Sarah Grimke in 1839.  This is definitely worth the reading.
Use of Slavery Booklet in N.C. Criticized by Civil Rights Group Article written by Sherrel W. Stewart, of BlackAmericaWeb.com, criticizing Southern Slavery As It Was by Douglas Wilson and Steven Wilkins
My Town In 2004 Dr. Michael Hayes of Washington State University, in conjunction with Melissa Saul, created a documentary film titled My Town depicting the culture wars of Moscow, Idaho.
"Southern Slavery As It Was" Debate Between Doug Wilson and Dr. Nick Gier

On January 31, 2007, what was advertised as an open panel discussion concerning Doug Wilson's, and Christ Church's, response to Michael Hayes' film My Town was presented at the Student Union Building on the campus of the University of Idaho.  For reasons unexplained the panel discussion was reduced to a one-person (Doug Wilson) presentation followed by a question-and-answer period.   One of the most informative and debate-laced interactions of this presentation developed between Doug Wilson and Dr. Nick Gier (Professor Emeritus of Philosophy, University of Idaho).

Southern Heritage Conferences
The Index Southern Heritage Conferences

Executive Directors and the Advisory Board

This page lists Rev. Steven Wilkins and George Grant as members

The Fifth Conference

Pastor Douglas Wilson, pastor of Christ Church, Moscow, Idaho, editor of Credenda/Agenda magazine, author of numerous books including, Recovering the Lost Tools of Learning, The Federal Husband, Fidelity, and For Kirk and Covenant, among many others, gave the following lectures: "Why the War Never Ended" and "The Blue and Grey in Black and White".


John J. Dwyer

The Website

Another Pro-Confederate "Christian"

The Book

This is the web page in which John J. Dwyer discusses how he is writing a Civil War history book titled, "The War Between the States: America's Uncivil War," with Douglas Wilson and Steven Wilkins.

 They are writing this book because

This URL explains why they are writing this book.


Steven Wilkins, Auburn Avenue Church, and the League of the South

Steven Wilkins' Biography

This is a biography of Steven Wilkins at the League of the South website. He is one of their founding board of directors.

His Essay

Steven Wilkins in this essay explains what he thinks the theology of the South is and that the Civil War was a theological conflict.

Another Essay

This is an essay by Rev. Steven Wilkins titled, "Christianity, the South, and the Culture War"

His Thoughts on the Salem Witch Trials

These are Steven Wilkins' notes on the Salem Witch Trials

The US Civil War as a Theological War:  Confederate Christian Nationalism and the League of the South

A historical expose' of the League of the South written by Edward H. Sebesta and Euan Hague
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Wilkins' World

Homeschoolers nationwide are learning an unusual version of the American story from neo-Confederate Steve Wilkins
(written by Mark Potok of the Southern Poverty Law Center)

Steven Wilkins, Neo-Confederate Plagiarizer

Steven Wilkins authored a book titled Call of Duty: The Sterling Nobility of Robert E. Lee.   In this book, he plagiarized from Robert E. Lee: A Biography by Douglas Freeman and Lee: The Last Years by Charles Flood.

Why The South Was Right

Steven Wilkins explains why he feels the antebellum south was right and why America should return to the Confederate cause.

The Presbyterian Church in America,
The Louisiana Presbytery,
and Teaching Elder Steven Wilkins

In 2006 it was suspected that sermons administered by Teaching Elder (TE) Steven Wilkins of the Auburn Avenue Church in Monroe, Louisiana, were not in keeping with Presbyterian Church in America (PCA) standards.  As a result of these suspicions, the PCA ordered that an investigation be conducted by the Louisiana Presbytery into these allegations.  Subsequent to the findings of the Louisiana Presbytery's investigation, it was further suspected that the methods applied by the Louisiana Presbytery, in conducting this investigation were not sufficiently thorough and that the findings/recommendations were suspect.  A complaint was then filed by a member of the PCA against the Louisiana Presbytery. 


Robert L. Dabney

His Racism

In this essay Dabney makes clear his intense racism against African-Americans.

Public Schools

In this essay Dabney condemns the public school system and has something to say against education for African-Americans.

Women's Rights

Dabney speaks against women's rights, in particular women voting.


Dabney's Anti-Biblical Theories of Rights


Douglas Wilson and the Credenda Agenda

Break-Up of the United States

Credenda Agenda issue with the cover title, "Bad Moon Rising: The Coming Break-Up of the United States."
The Coming Break-Up Quotes from various sources concerning the coming break-up of the United States.
Douglas Wilson's Article Douglas Wilson's article on the break-up of the United States.
The Theological Civil War The theological Civil War article at Credenda Agenda.
African-Americans in the South Article by R. L. Dabney about African Americans in the South.
You should read it carefully to see the paternalistic racism of Dabney.
Confederacy and Modernity A strong letter from Lars Johnson followed by Douglas Wilson's reply.
In Defense of Slavery Some issues of Credenda/Agenda defending slavery
Why They Are Writing About This This includes some very revealing articles.  In particular, Doug Wilson's "So why are we writing about this?"  is a nearly word-for-word copy of the first part of the infamous "Southern Slavery" booklet. (pp.9 - 15).
Magistralis An article by Gregory Dickison entitled "Moses and the XIII amendment". It's a clear, unambiguous defense of slavery.
A Home With A View "A home with a view" by Nancy Wilson.  It explains how a wife must view her husband as her head. Weird stuff.
Southern Slavery As It Wasn't The two UI historians (Sean Quinlan and William Ramsey) have updated and revised their "Southern Slavery as it Wasn't" paper to include more information about the link between Doug Wilson and the Neo-Confederates. 
* Adobe Acrobat Reader Required
Page By Page:  Doug Wilson's Support for Racial Slavery An expose' written by Nick Gier (Emeritus Professor of Philosophy, University of Idaho)
The Fraudulent Legal History of "Southern Slavery, As It Was" An analysis of the historical accuracy and validity of Douglas Wilson's and Steven Wilkins' pamphlet "Southern Slavery, As It Was" written by Thomas O. Alderman.
Your Eye Shall Not Pity Gregory Dickison advocating execution of homosexuals, non-believers, and disobedient children.
Slavery Essay is Bad History and Arrogant Theology Nick Gier presents a critique of "Southern Slavery As It Was".
What's So Controversial About the New Controversy Evaluation (written by Joe Morecraft III of the Neo-Confederate Reformed Presbyterian Church) of a series of lectures presented by Steve Wilkins, Steve Schlissel, John Barach, and Douglas Wilson.
Letter from Christ Presbyterian Church A letter from Christ Presbyterian Church in Salt Lake City, Utah (dated May 27, 2003) concerning Douglas Wilson.
Whose Job is it to Teach Johnnie and Suzy? An essay denouncing government (pronounced "public") schools written by Jeff Harlow, Christ Church (formerly Canyon Covenant Church), Redmond, Oregon, also a member of Confederation of Reformed Evangelicals.
Thundering Naivete Douglas Wilson criticizes the wife of Lee Irons, a well known Reformed writer and thinker (OPC), for calling for "civil same-sex marriage".

Douglas Wilson and Christ Church

Letter from Tom Garfield (of Logos School) to Terry Morin

This letter was submitted publicly under the heading Never Irk the Kirk to a Moscow, Idaho community listserve by "James Nelson".  It has not been disowned by its author Tom Garfield of Logos School.


This letter was submitted publicly to Moscow's Vision 2020 listserve under the heading "Stop Hammer Time" by "James Nelson".  It describes the consequences, both spiritual and financial, for holding public positions different from those articulated by Christ Church leadership.

The Wilson Controversy: A Personal History

A detailed history of Douglas Wilson's philosophy, beginning in 1975, written by Dr. Nicholas Gier, Professor Emeritus, Department of Philosophy, University of Idaho.

Taliban on the Palouse?

A religious empire based in Idaho is part of the far-right theological movement fueling neo-Confederate groups.
(written by Mark Potok of the Southern Poverty Law Center)

Taming the Tongue With Lessons Learned From Scripture

This is a typical sermonette from a fundamentalist preacher, Douglas Wilson.  It is suspected  that Doug Wilson is afraid of whistle-blowers in his ecclesiastical corporation. Hence a sermon against tellers of tales.

The Open Letter

On June 9, 2005 an open letter was written and sent to the congregation of Moscow, Idaho's Christ Church and its pastor Doug Wilson.  Although this letter was submitted anonymously, it has been reported that it not only reflects the heart-felt conviction of its author, but those many congregates quelled by "rules".

Sixteen Differences Between Conservative Evangelical Christianity and Wilsonian Christianity

Dr. Nick Gier, Professor Emeritus of Philosophy at the University of Idaho, presents an analogy of the differences between true Conservative Evangelical Christianity and the Christianity of Douglas Wilson.

Departing Official Sees Racism in Moscow

Upon her departure from Moscow, Ms. Barbara Richardson Crouch, wife of former Latah County Sheriff Jeff Crouch, described what she considered to be a prevalent racist attitude within the community of Moscow.

Attorney General Concludes Investigation into Christ Church Application for Property Tax Exemption

Although Douglas Wilson and Eric Burnett have not been criminally charged with perjury by the Idaho Attorney General's office, the matter has been referred to the Idaho Tax Commission concerning the questionable "non-profit" status of Canon Press.

Kutting My Losses on the Kirk Kult

A brief look behind the proverbial curtain that separates the Wilsonistas from civil society.  Penned by Patrick Poole at Existential Space - A Place to Live and Be

The Letter Without Signatures

A chronology attesting to false witness committed at Christ Church : From Poohsthink.com “In December 1993, the CEF elders refused to sign a letter of apology drafted by Doug Wilson. On the night of March 4, 2003, during a HOH [Head of Household] meeting, Doug Jones bore witness that the CEF elders did in fact sign the letter without signatures. Doug Wilson knew that Doug Jones bore false witness, and Wilson failed to correct the record. Exactly 22 days later, the E Free elders asked Christ Church for a signed copy of the letter. Christ Church never answered or even acknowledged this request.  Now Wilson calls his false witness a “mistake.” Yesterday [February 15, 2006] he blogged, “But as soon as the mistake was pointed out, we realized the mistake, apologized, and dropped it.” You be the judge. Pin the tail on the point in time when Wilson & Jones learned of their ‘mistake’ and ‘apologized.’

The Love of Douglas Wilson

Michael Metzler posted a letter, to Poohsthink.com, received from Douglas Wilson reflecting the type of reciprocal relationship one can expect from the pastor of Christ Church , complete with implied threats.


The Southern Poverty Law Center's Intelligence Report outlines a claim of cover-up against Douglas Wilson concerning serial sexual molestations by a New Saint Andrews College student.

Southern Slavery As It Was

In 1996 Doug Wilson and Steven Wilkins co-authored a pamphlet, titled "Southern Slavery As It Was" detailing the warm comradeship between masters and slaves in the antebellum south. 

Southern Slavery As It Really Was

Doug Bunge created a website in response to a booklet written by authors Pastor Douglas Wilson and Steven Wilkins, entitled, "Southern Slavery, as it was".  On April 1, 2006 Mr. Bunge wrote a letter to Doug Wilson explaining his (Doug Bunge's) disgust with the booklet.  This letter (and the short, terse response by Mike Lawyer on behalf of Christ Church) is presented within the website.

The Christ Church Debate

On July 11, 2006, KRFP (a community radio station in Moscow , Idaho ) broadcast a two-and-a-half-hour debate between Doug Wilson, Pastor of Christ Church, and Keely Emerine-Mix, a local critic of Doug Wilson’s teachings.  The debate centered around Christ Church and its impact on the local community of Moscow .

Doug Wilson on Why He and Steven Wilkins Wrote "Southern Slavery As It Was"

On January 31, 2007, what was advertised as an open panel discussion concerning Doug Wilson's, and Christ Church's, response to Michael Hayes' film My Town was presented at the Student Union Building on the campus of the University of Idaho.

At this presentation Doug Wilson offered a reason as to why he and Steven Wilkins wrote Southern Slavery As It Was, a reason in clear contradiction to the purpose detailed in the pamphlet.

Doug Wilson and Nick Gier

On January 31, 2007, what was advertised as an open panel discussion concerning Doug Wilson's, and Christ Church's, response to Michael Hayes' film My Town was presented at the Student Union Building on the campus of the University of Idaho.

One of the most informative and debate-laced interactions of this presentation developed between Doug Wilson and Nick Gier (Professor Emeritus of Philosophy, University of Idaho). 

Moscow's Trinity Festival Features Fraudulent Calvinists and Questionable Trinitarians

Dr. Nick Gier (Professor Emeritus, University of Idaho) discusses nationally-discredited pastor Doug Wilson, Wilson's "Federal Vision", and Christ Church's Trinity Festival.
Christ Church

A Handy Reference Guide for New and Ongoing Lies About Christ Church

Christ Church's response to a wide range of recent allegations (including the infamous flyer among other issues).  The newspaper that published a copy of the flyer has not yet denied its accuracy.

We Need More Free Speech

An editorial published in the December 31, 2003 edition of the Moscow-Pullman Daily News by Bill London concerning Douglas Wilson and Christ Church.

Letter to Idaho Governor Kempthorne

A letter prepared/signed by Douglas Wilson and sent to Idaho Governor Dirk Kempthorne

E-Mail Message to Brian Pitcher

Douglas Wilson's E-Mail Message to Brian Pitcher, University of Idaho's Provost of Academic Affairs

Doug Jones, Doug Wilson, and New St. Andrews College

Wondrous Trinities Everywhere

Nick Gier's (Emeritus Professor of Philosophy, University of Idaho) response to Doug Jones' essays on the Trinity.

Taking Down That Flag

Doug Jones discusses his views concerning the Confederate flag

Letter Concerning Accreditation

A letter written by Nick Gier (Emeritus Professor of Philosophy, University of Idaho) to the Transnational Association of Christian Colleges and schools, dated February 17, 2004, concerning the questionable accreditation of New St. Andrews.

New Saint Andrews College is Not Permitted on Main Street By City Code

A complaint was filed with the city of Moscow, Idaho on Friday (January 21, 2005) requesting operations at New Saint Andrews College be discontinued in the downtown business district.
Findings by Joel D. Plaskon, Community Development Director/Zoning Administrator

A Letter from Doug Wilson to the Saints of Christ Church and Trinity Reformed Church

The letter encourages the congregations to remember that the slander against the church over the past couple of years is a blessing from God for allowing them to suffer for the sake of the gospel.  It praises the members for their cheerfulness and claims that this is one of the reason that the attacks have been unsuccessful.

An E-Mail from Roy Atwood Concerning the Complaint Filed Against NSA

Dr. Atwood claims that the college is in full compliance with all city zoning regulations.  He bitterly denounces the men who brought forward the complaint and identifies their current church affiliation.  He introduces a 9 step to do list to counteract the "malicious actions" against the college.

E-Mail to Members of Christ Church From Roy Atwood

To Quote Bill London: "Are we going to see a melodramatic display of letters of support splashed on a desk during a future hearing in Moscow?  And this seems so confusing: a request written to church members from the church headquarters for letters lobbying for a political decision."

The Many Sins of New St. Andrews College

The questionable and unethical practices administered by the staff and faculty of New St. Andrews College (Moscow, Idaho) is discussed by Dr. Nick Gier.

Anti-Gay, Pro-Old South Preacher Doug Wilson to Host Atlanta Conference

Major Christian Right Leader to Speak At Conference Hosted by Anti-Gay, Pro-Old South Preacher.

Appeal of Logos School Tax Exempt Status to IBTA

Logos School Tax Exemption and the Idaho Board of Tax Appeals

On January 12, 2006 Rose Huskey and Saundra Lund presented an appeal to the Idaho Board of Tax Appeals to terminate the tax exempt status wrongfully awarded to Logos School by the Latah County Board of Equalization.


Carl Mack, President of the Seattle Chapter of the NAACP

Abolitionists and the Pamphlet Southern Slavery: As It Was 
(sound file)

Carl Mack addresses slavery abolitionists as addressed in Wilson's pamphlet Southern Slavery: As It Was.  (Requires RealAudio or Windows Media Player)

Views on Southern Slavery: As It Was
and Its Authors
(sound file)

Carl Mack expresses his opinion of the pamphlet and its authors. (Requires RealAudio or Windows Media Player)

Mutterings From the Masses

Tossing Out Bible Bombs

An essay written by Keely Emerine Mix defining the line between "Wilsonism" and true Christianity.

David Irving, Holocaust Denier

That's Mr. Antisemite to you

An article by Edgar J. Steele (former attorney for Aryan Nations) discussing David Irving

Interview With Jan Karski

An interview with Jan Karski who witnessed the Warsaw ghetto and a Nazi concentration camp.

Anti-Semites Feature Steele

North Idaho attorney Edgar J. Steele, who once defended the founder of the Aryan Nations, was a featured speaker at a weekend gathering of people who believe the Holocaust did not happen.

Database of Holocaust Victims' Names

"The Nazis and their accomplices murdered six million Jews. So far, Yad Vashem and its partners have collected and recorded the names of half of them. Such is the vastness of this crime. We now offer these names – with bereavement, with a sense of humility and awe, and with determination to persist until all their names are retrieved."

Aryan Nations and Grant County, Oregon

Aryan Nations Plan Sparks Protests in John Day, Oregon

Community reaction (in John Day, Oregon) was immediate and vocal last week (February 18, 2010) as an Aryan Nations leader announced a plan to move the headquarters of their white supremacist movement from northern Idaho to Grant County.



Ku Klux Klan Introduction and Application

Ku Klux Klan Introduction and Application

On March 31, 2012, Idaho State Representative Tom Trail received the following introduction and membership application.  The envelope and its contents indicate that it had originated from an office of the Ku Klux Klan, an organization based on hate, in defiance of everything the people of Latah County know and believe of Representative Trail.



Other Links

Midwifery in Idaho

On July 16, 2013 Rose Huskey was interviewed by Philosopher Joe on the show Sound and Fury concerning midwifery in Idaho.

Mistra, Incorporated

On March 16, 2005 Doug Wilson filed Mistra Incorporated's Articles of Incorporation with the state of Idaho, thus providing a tax-exempt "shelter" for his ever-expanding properties.

Lois Blackburn's Interview on KRFP's Liberal Island

Lois Blackburn was interviewed on KRFP's Liberal Island on July 26, 2005.  Focus of this interview concerned an extremely wide range of topics impacting Moscow.  (40 minutes in duration, 4.25 megabytes in size, Windows Media Audio [WMA] format)


Essay concerning true "classical" liberals and American patriotism by Dr. Nick Gier, Professor of Philosophy, University of Idaho.

Southern Slavery in Northern Idaho

A website that presents an analysis of the pamphlet "Southern Slavery As It Was" and its authors, as well as links to other websites and other documentation.

Chilling Parallels: Christian and Islamic Fundamentalists

Nick Gier presents an analogy between Christian and Islamic Fundamentalism, a fascinating comparison of Christ Church and the Taliban. 

Patriarchy, Possession, and Slavery

Nick Gier examines the expressed views of Douglas Wilson and Steven Wilkins.

American Slavery As It Is: Testimony of a Thousand Witnesses

Written by Theodore Dwight Weld and published by the American Anti-Slavery Society of New York in 1835.
The Late Unpleasantness in Idaho : Southern Slavery and the Culture Wars An essay by Dr. William Ramsey (Associate Professor of History, University of Idaho) reflecting on Christ Church's "History" Conference of February 2004 and "Southern Slavery As It Was" by Douglas Wilson and Steven Wilkins.