Kutting My Losses on the Kirk Kult

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by Patrick Poole

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Kutting My Losses on the Kirk Kult

The time has come for me to cry uncle. I must say "no mas" to the Wilsonistas. They have won. At this point in time, I cannot continue to endure the Wilsonistas harrassment jihad that has now spread to my friends, my clients, and my church in the wake of my posts over the past week. Some are also trolling for dirt on me for what I can only assume would be the basis for ad hominem attacks to avoid answering the very direct questions I've put to the Great Leader. In the final analysis, there are just simply too many Wilsonistas starting fires for me to possibly contemplate putting them all out. I must call it quits and admit defeat before they try to burn down everything around me. I must confess that I greatly underestimated how quickly they have acted. I guess what I wrote hit too close to home.

Could it be that this harrassment jihad launched by Doug Wilson's apologists and lackeys against me is entirely unorganized and is in no way connected to the Sultan of Subjectivity? That very well might be the case. I certainly don't have any iron-clad evidence that it is an orchestrated effort. But if that's the case, there is certainly a culture of venom and malice that has been allowed to flourish around the Kirk Kult, with the use of destructive and unChristian methods nourished and justified by the writings and sermons of the Bhagwan himself under the guise of "trinitarian skylarking" and "the serrated edge". Honestly, the harrassment would be more tolerable if the Wilsonistas were in reality as funny or as witty as they believe themselves to be (but aren't).

In retrospect, the fault is entirely my own. I knew what I was getting into. I thrust my hand into the viper's nest and got bit. Shame on me. As Blind Willy Johnson used to sing, "Nobody's Fault But Mine."

But what the Wilsonistas won't admit is that IT IS a viper's nest that they are a part of. The politics of personal destruction I've encountered (and my friends and associates have experienced for the crime of being associated with me) at the hands of the Kirk Kult in recent days is standard practice for the Wilsonistas and their Great Leader. Just ask Terry Morin, who dared speak out and had his company suffer at the hands of the Wilsonistas because of it. But even more important than any financial repercussions was the deliberate damage done to Terry's reputation by the false witness and trumped-up charges filed against him by Doug Wilson and the elders of Kirk Kult, charges that were only withdrawn only because the Great Leader's documents were shown to be forgeries on the unanimous testimony of everyone else involved. Thankfully, Terry had his church to examine Wilson 's lies and clear his name. Others that have tried to escape the Kirk orbit have not been so lucky.

I realize that any pain and suffering I might have endured at the hands of the Wilsonistas during this very brief affair is minimal compared to what others have experienced. I know; I've heard from many of the Wilson-wounded over the past week. I suspect why so many of the "fellowship of the grievance" have gravitated to me is because I expressed in my two posts from two thousand miles away what they have had to live through in real life day-to-day. They maybe believed that I identified with them because I was willing to say publicly that the drug dens at New St. Andrews, the illegal Kirk elder-approved casinos and the documented payoffs involved, which are just a normal part of the landscape of WilsonWorld, is a demonstration of a thoroughly corrupt culture -- all of which is lost on the Wilsonistas and the Wilson apologists. It's clear that they don't care. Having been in the PCA for almost 15 years, I can't remember a single instance of a troubled church having these kinds of problems, which seem to be so commonplace in the Kirk.

In closing, I appreciate that I've been warmly welcomed in as a member of the "fellowship of the grievance". It is a badge of honor. These are kind and sincere Christian people, and I feel like I'm abandoning them to the furies of the Wilsonistas by my rapid retreat, perhaps even encouraging further abuse. They will be the one's left to clean up the shattered lives when the Kirk Kult reaches it's inevitable end. When that day comes, I suspect that they will exhibit extraordinary grace and charity, never once thinking to say, "I told you so." May God bless them for continuing to bear up.

With that said, this will be my last post on the matter.