To Express unity, a commitment to human rights for everyone and all of the positive truths it represents, you are invited to participate in the RAISE YOUR HANDS FOR HUMAN RIGHTS project.
As recognized in 1993 at the World Conference on Human Rights in Vienna, human rights are universal, indivisible and interdependent.  Upon reflection, it can be seen that these concepts stem from our underlying sense of oneness and recognition that we are all parts of an interrelated whole.  There is a growing understanding that recognition and protection of human rights plays a fundamental role in the promotion of peace, social progress and economic prosperity.

This understanding has given rise to the United Nations International Bill of Rights, as well as some 75 other international conventions which identify and promote the rights of women and children, the right to freedom of worship, protection of the rights and freedom of all social, economic and racial groups, to name but a few.

To demonstrate your conviction to these ideals, place your hand on a piece of paper of your choice then draw around your hand and cut it out.  Any type of paper can be used, and diversity is encouraged.  Write your name on the paper hand and if you wish, add a positive or inspirational statement about peace, unity and human rights, or decorate the cutout to your liking.  Collect as many hands as you can in one place, then call the U of I Office of Multicultural Affairs at (208) 885-7716 for pick-up, or mail them to:

Hands for Human Rights
PO Box 9104
Moscow, Idaho  83843

Deadline to have hands in is January 25th.  The hands will be arranged on 6-foot high by 3-foot wide letters spelling out "Hands for Human Rights" and will be displayed at the University of Idaho Student Union building the first week of February.  The hands will then be displayed at various events and locations throughout the year as a symbol of our celebrated and diverse community of the Palouse.

This is an ideal activity for everyone.  Public and private school classrooms can include the activity as part of their culture and values lessons.  Human Rights activists can participate as part of Martin Luther King Jr. events.  Private, public, and elected officials can affirm their commitment to Human Rights.  Anyone who wishes to RAISE THEIR HAND FOR HUMAN RIGHTS should participate.
This project is a joint venture of citizens in Latah and Whitman counties, representatives of human rights organizations, and both secular and non-secular segments of our communities.  It is sponsored by The Latah County Human Rights Task Force, The Moscow Interfaith Association, The U of I Office of Diversity and Human Rights, the U of I Women's Center, The U of I Office of Multicultural Affairs, The Coalition of Diverse Voices, and CHEER - Center for Health, Education, and Economic Resources.

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