The hammer of the Kirk has fallen

Douglas Wilson, through his agents Doug Jones (Canon Press) and Tom Garfield (Principal of Logos), has recently decided to sever economic ties with local Christians as a means of creating a climate of fear and intimidation to prevent criticism.

Recently the wife (Connie Gibbs) of a Canon Press employee (Brian Gibbs) inadvertently sent an email critical of the Kirk to Doug Jones.   Doug Jones spoke with the husband and instructed him to reeducate his wife or face termination from full-time employment at Canon Press.  The husband refused to reeducate his wife and Doug Jones fired him. 

Recently a Christian attending a church unaffiliated with Christ Church (The Evangelical Free Church of Pullman) signed a petition expressing a view critical of Doug Wilsonís opinions on slavery, homosexuals and womenís rights. Tom Garfield, principal of Logos School (a subsidiary of Faith Ministries, Inc.), unilaterally terminated the business relationship with this Christian (who supplied printer services to Logos School) without the approval of the Logos Board.

It is the concern of some that an ecclesiastical precedent of intimidation and control may influence not only the decision making of those who are employed or contract directly or indirectly with Kirk ministries (through economic sanctions) but may influence the decision making of other members of Christ Church, by threat of excommunication and censure, who represent the public sector in the Moscow area.   Bob Hieronymus a member of the Kirk represents the University of Idaho as Director of Communications and Marketing with the responsibility to protect the Universities reputation and advance the image of the University of Idaho.   Clearly, it is in the best interest of the University of Idaho to distance itself from ideals of slavery, the subjugation of women and anti-homosexuality.  However, Bob Hieronymus is not free of Doug Wilsonís control.  Bob Hieronymus is subject to Doug Wilsonís excommunication power and knows that Doug Wilson will use it against those who cross him.  I recommend that area residents call Bob Hieronymus at his University extension (208) 885-6291 and express concerns regarding the independence of his judgment and recommend that the University of Idaho distance itself from hate.  Finally, Wilson control extends beyond the University of Idaho to the County level of government through Kirk excommunication power over a Latah County Commissioner (Paul Kimmell).  

The threat of excommunication and termination is real.  The Kirk has trials and excommunicates-terminates frequently.  As Douglas Wilsonís reach expands Moscow should be prepared for the eventuality of intensified control in the public sector. 

Relevant Contact Information:

Christ Church               (208) 882-2034
Cannon Press               (800) 488-2034
Logos School               (208) 882-1226
Bob Hieronymus           (208) 885-6291   (
Paul Kimmell                (208) 882-8580    (


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