The Love of Douglas Wilson

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The Love of Douglas Wilson

The following is Wilson ís very recent attempts at offering Pooh pastoral care (change of strategy...I mean pastoral approach). This is the finest example of humility and self-sacrifical love I've ever seen. Even after all my disgraceful behavior, Wilson is only concerned for my own well being in all this. This is the love of Jesus at its finest. It is very comforting to know that my pastor does not want to actually hurt me, belittle me, and run my name into the ground upon public criticism. If I had never gone public even, this would no doubt be the gentle wooing I would have still been receiving to this very day. Just wanted you to get both sides of the story:

Dear Michael,

You have asked me a couple or three times about why I deleted Mr. Moore's post from my blog [and that is all I asked him]. ... I deleted his post because it gave the address to poohsthink, and I don't want people going there. This is not because I am afraid of people seeing the "evidence" against me, but rather because I do not want people to see your disgraceful behavior. I believe that you are well into the process of ruining your reputation, perhaps beyond repair [ouch], and I don't want to be any part of accelerating that process. I do not believe that your "insubordination," as I think you called it once, is a sin that will cause you to spiritually implode down the road sometime. I believe that you are spiritually imploding right now, in public view [well he would know, he's my pastor]. I want as few people to see it as possible, for your sake and your family's. Whether you believe it or not, I believe myself to be more concerned about the Metzler name than I believe you are. That is why I deleted the post. Honestly.

Cordially in Christ,


Posted by Michael Metzler - 2/25/2006 9:18:13 PM