An E-Mail From Roy Atwood Concerning the Complaint Filed Against NSA

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It is noteworthy that Dr. Atwood resurrects selected elements of the history of members who have left Christ Church , or who prefer the ministry of Doug Wilson's brother, Evan Wilson.  Once again, like Doug Wilson, Dr. Atwood flourishes what he supposes to be a trump card - these men acted unbiblically in going to civic authority rather than to college officials.  This is an especially pointed reminder to his email readers that the church (or college administration - which are one in the same) have authority over all aspects of members - or even former members - lives. 

We know that Christ Church leaders did not write zoning laws, none the less they retain the expectation that they can enforce them. "Biblical" people should seek redress from them, not city officials. 

"We carefully guarded our words and even our gestures, lest someone report our faults. As in all cults there was an unspoken code of silence; no one dared to speak of any concerns about the leadership or church. We were aware of hypocrisy within the leadership, yet we all lived in denial of its existence. Such contradictions were far too emotionally dangerous to admit to one's self, let alone to discuss openly." (from

In closing, we echo the same plea that is made in comments to Doug Wilson's (and the elders) letter of December, 2004.  It is my hope that readers of this letter, particularly members of Christ Church or Trinity Reformed Church, or NSA students read the fourteen page document linked to this editorial comment.  For those who are not members of Christ Church please take the time to read the document as well.  We hope it will educate you and encourage you to reach out with compassion and support to all who might need your understanding and friendship.

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