The Letter Without Signatures

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T H E     L E T T E R     W I T H O U T     S I G N A T U R E S


P I N    T H E    T A I L    O N    T H E

“as soon as the mistake was pointed out”

“But as soon as the mistake was pointed out, we realized the mistake, apologized, and dropped it.” — Doug Wilson, February 15, 2006


In December 1993, the CEF elders refused to sign a letter of apology drafted by Doug Wilson. Doug Wilson is the first eyewitness to this event because he wrote the letter and he heard the elders say, “No, we will not sign this letter.” On the night of March 4, 2003, during a HOH meeting, Doug Jones bore witness that the CEF elders did in fact sign the letter without signatures. Doug Wilson knew that Doug Jones bore false witness, and Wilson failed to correct the record. Exactly 22 days later, the E Free elders asked Christ Church for a signed copy of the letter. Christ Church never answered or even acknowledged this request. The E Free elders referenced the letter without signatures two more times in their correspondence; Christ Church played hide & seek. On July 31, 2003, exactly 149 days after Doug Jones lied about the letter without signatures, the Christ Church website modified its position on the letter, but did not acknowledge the false witness.

Now Wilson calls his false witness a “mistake.” Yesterday [February 15, 2006] he blogged, “But as soon as the mistake was pointed out, we realized the mistake, apologized, and dropped it.” You be the judge. Pin the tail on the point in time when Wilson & Jones learned of their “mistake” and “apologized.”

March 4, 2003

HOH meeting, Doug Jones publicly states that Terry Morin and the elders signed the letter without signatures. Doug Wilson attended the meeting and failed to correct Jones’ mistake.

March 7, 2003

The Christ Church website states:

“The affidavit of Terry Morin itself has to be called into question not only for being an unbiblical accusation against an elder by not having two or three witnesses but also for revealing the conflict with the letter he signed on December 17 affirming Doug Wilson’s good character and fitness for office.”

March 25, 2003

Christ Church Judicial Committee to Terry Morin:

“More importantly, we believe it especially correct to claim that no discipline was accomplished because the December 17, 1993 letter signed by all the elders closes with the claim, “finally, it is important to note that no action anticipated in the Dec. 5 letter has been implemented.”

March 26, 2003

E Free elders to Christ Church :

“In the process of our research we identified a couple of items that may be worthy of your further investigation. First, we could not find anything to verify that the minutes Doug referred to were formal, approved minutes of the elder meeting. Secondly, regarding the letter dated December 17, 1993, written to the head of households: We were unable to find a copy of the letter signed by all four elders indicating the elder board’s approval of that letter. If you have such documents, we would appreciate you sending us copies.”

April 9, 2003

E Free elder Bill Twigg visits Doug Jones, who says that the Christ Church Judicial Committee is “backing off the minutes and the letter.” (You can confirm this with Bill Twigg at or (208) 882-2445.)

April 11, 2003

E Free elder Bill Twigg visits Doug Jones who informs Twigg that the “minutes” and the “letter without signatures” are “invalid documents.” (You can confirm this with Bill Twigg at or (208) 882-2445.)

April 14, 2003

E Free elder Bill Twigg visits Doug Wilson & Doug Jones, who concede that they owe Terry Morin “restitution, or something to that effect.” (You can confirm this with Bill Twigg at or (208) 882-2445.)

May 6, 2003

E Free writes to Christ Church :

“Bill [Twigg] reported to us that Doug Wilson and Doug Jones . . .  acknowledged that the letter dated December 17 was misrepresented as a letter authorized by the elders when it was not. Neither apology nor seeking Terry’s forgiveness has occurred during the three to four weeks since these acknowledgements were made.”

May 14, 2003

Christ Church to E Free:

“With reference to the second paragraph of your May 6, 2003 letter, we have not altered the website claims of the “Preliminary Reply” concerning the June 25, 1993 and December 17 1993 documentation because, as Doug Jones informed Bill Twigg and Bill Twigg wrote down (we understand how this could be lost in the shuffle), we are waiting for answers to our questions. . .”

June 3, 2003

E Free writes to Christ Church

“You appear upset that we have not answered questions in your letter to us on March 25, 2003. We are waiting for you to provide us with some evidence that Doug’s notes were minutes and to see if you can verify that the December 17 letter was signed or approved by the elders at that time, as requested in our letter to you on March 26, 2003. If you have provided this documentation, then we missed it, so please submit it to us again.”

June 12, 2003

Christ Church writes to E Free, but fails to answer the vexing question of the letter without signatures.

July 3, 2003

E Free to Christ Church :

“You have presented documents as being authentic, although they are not. At one time Doug Wilson acknowledged that these documents may not be authentic, but later he backed away from that position. This approach to withholding truth is troubling to us.”

July [no date], 2003

Christ Church writes to E Free, but neglects to address the troublesome matter of the letter without signatures.

July 31, 2003

Christ Church website states:

“We have become convinced that these documents were merely proposed but never approved by the session back in 1993 in any way that can be demonstrated. We committed the sin of haste in our search of church records and mistakenly and unintentionally used documents that had not borne the demonstrable approval of that early session. In this revision, then, we have removed all appeals to the ‘minutes’ of June 25, 1993, as well as a proposed letter of December 17, 1993. . . . We hereby ask Terry Morin’s forgiveness for saying he apologized for something he didn’t. That was wrong of us and done in sinful haste.”

Christ Church did not remove the URL with the false witness from its website until October 2003.

Posted by Michael Metzler - 2/16/2006 8:00:44 PM