February 13, 2019

1912 Community Center
(Moscow, Idaho)

Dale Graden presented "Latin American-U.S. Relations: Historical Perspectives on the Central American and Venezuelan Diasporas" at the League of Women Voters of Moscow forum in the Arts Workshop of Moscow's 1912 CommunityCenter.

Recent events in Central America, the Mexican-United States border and Venezuela have brought histories of Latin America back into the limelight of international and United States media coverage. Several factors contribute to the decisions of individuals to move and search for more hospitable environments (for example the United States or Ecuador). This presentation focused on a few of the historical forces that have led to the implosion of Venezuela and regions in Central America and reflections on responses by diverse groups in the United States.

Gradenhas been a professor of history at the University of Idaho for 27 years. He was raised outside of Providence, R.I., attended college in Boston, and received his doctorate in Latin American history at the University of Connecticut. He has received three Fulbright grants to Brazil and Venezuela, and numerous teaching awards.