April 11, 2018

1912 Community Center (Moscow, Idaho)

Representatives from the Moscow School District and the Moscow Police Department discussed the concern regarding shootings at schools, safety procedures implemented within the district, and how a community can help to protect our students.

The program, "School Safety A Family Issue, a School Issue, a Community Issue, and a National Issue," was held at the League of Women Voters of Moscow forum in the Arts Workshop of the 1912 Communiity Center in Moscow.

Panelists included:  Gregory J. Bailey, superintendent for Moscow School District; James D. Fry Jr., chief of police for Moscow; Charlie Gerke, operations director for MSD; and McKenzie Fosberg, school resource officer for Moscow Police Department.

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Gregory Bailey (Superintendent, Moscow School District)
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Charlie Gerke (Operations Director, Moscow School District)
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McKenzie Fosberg (School Resource Officer, Moscow Police Department)
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James Fry (Chief, Moscow Police Department)
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Part 1, Discussion
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Part 2, Discussion
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Part 3, Discussion
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Part 4, Discussion
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