The League of Women Voters of Moscow Present

A Debate on the Affordable Care Act Between

Idaho State Senator Dan Schmidt


Idaho State Representative Cindy Agidius

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Opening Comments by State Senator Dan Schmidt

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Opening Comments by State Representative Cindy Agidius

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When talking about increased consumer responsibility, under Medicaid redesign, what plans are being considered?

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The Affordable Care Act requires everyone to have health insurance.  How is the state legislature going to help people who can’t afford insurance?

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I’m a perfectly healthy college student.  In order to save money, I pay for my own health insurance through Blue Cross.  Currently with my plan I pay fifty dollars a month.  With the Affordable Care Act, I am looking to pay over double that amount and I will be paying for things I don’t need.  How can you justify this?

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For Representative Agidius:  I am unclear about where you personally are on this issue.  If it were just up to you, would you favor expansion of Medicaid or not?

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Will employers who do not pay a living wage be required to help pay for their employees’ Medicaid?

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What does one hundred percent of the federal poverty level mean in real life?

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We have a relative who plans to move to Washington in late spring.  His job is in Spokane.  The company is registered in Sandpoint, Idaho.  He is not insured for health care.  He feels it is best to wait until he moves to Washington, even though he may have to pay a fine in the meantime.  What do you think?

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Why are Idaho state legislators concerned with federal medical budget amounts that are not their responsibility?

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Can you explain the Arkansas Plan and how Idaho may look to adopt portions of the plan?

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For Representative Agidius:  How do you suggest people who fall through the cracks between “No Coverage” and “Not Eligible for Medicaid” get health care?

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People already living under the poverty level, which is $710 a month for someone under SSI, twelve hundred dollars average monthly for social security disability.  How do you expect them to pay?  My agency just wrote off $21,000 which has been deemed uncollectible.  This is a burden on the small businesses providing care.

Closing by Krista Kramer, Disabilities Actions Center