January 31, 2018

1912 Community Center
Moscow, Idaho

Richard Seamon discussed “What’s Wrong With a Constitutional Convention?”
More than half the states support a convention to amend the U.S. Constitution, according to media reports. Idaho might soon join this group. This talk presented information about the current push for a convention and why people should be concerned about it.

Seamon is a professor at the University of Idaho College of Law. He teaches and writes on issues of constitutional law and government agencies.

Idaho House Concurrent Resolution 32 (Federal Government Power Abuse)
(in PDF format, approximately 85 kilobytes)
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Part 1, Richard Seamon
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Part 2, Richard Seamon
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Part 3, Richard Seamon
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Part 4, Richard Seamon
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Part 5, Richard Seamon
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Part 6, Richard Seamon
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