October 10, 2018

Latah County Fairgrounds (Moscow, Idaho)

County Candidates Forum

County Positions
District 1 County Commissioner
Kathie LaFortune (D-Viola)
Tony Johnson (R-Viola)
District 3 County Commissioner
Carey Scott (D-Moscow)
Dave McGraw (R-Troy)
County Assessor
Rod Wakefield (D-Moscow)
Annette Bieghler (R-Moscow)i
County Treasurer
Peggy Gottschalk (R-Viola)
BJ Swanson (D-Troy)
Opening Comments
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What do you think the benefits for Latah County would be if Medicaid is expanded?
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What are your thoughts on county land use of private property regarding the number of building permits that can be issued?
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What would you do concerning the increasing crime rate?
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Closing Comments
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