October 4, 2017

1912 Community Center (Moscow, Idaho)

The Moscow League of Women Voters hosted a forum for those candidates seeking seats on the City Council as well as Mayor.

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Opening Remarks
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At recent forums there have been discussions about branding of Moscow.  How do you picture the branding tag and how would you apply it?
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What is your opinion of the sale of the CJ building and your thoughts on parking requirements?
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What do you think about the plans for the Third Street bridge?
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In addition to making decisions about the budget, infrastructure, ordinance, and other city matters, the mayor and council also passed resolutions that reflect the nature and personality of Moscow.  There are those within the community that are not accepting of certain residents of Moscow, especially the LGBT community.  What will you do to ensure that the LGBT community feels welcome and safe in Moscow?
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Many of us wonder why the Moscow Police don’t work more vigorously to enforce traffic laws that affect safety, especially illegal lane changes, failure to use tun signals, and failure to yield to pedestrians in crosswalks, bicyclists violating the law, including not using lights when driving at night, and speeding down sidewalks.  How would you encourage police to do a better job in this regard?
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Describe what “community capitalism” means to you and how you would promote community capitalism in Moscow.
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What specifically can, and does, the city of Moscow already do to ensure that minimum wage workers, who are earning in the $7 to $9-an-hour range, can afford housing in Moscow?
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As Moscow grows, housing affordability becomes an issue.  What is the city council’s role in ensuring housing remains fair and affordable?  And how might you propose to increase the availability of affordable housing?
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The population of Moscow is ever expanding and student population increases and basic schools such as Moscow High School dwindles.  What should students of the future look forward to involving their schools and facilities?
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Would you join the U.S. Conference of Mayors Climate Protection Agreement?  Why or why not.
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Thoughts about relocating the Moscow Police Department . . . If so, where?
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Last year Idaho instituted a permit-less concealed carry law inside city limits.  People could be walking around town with a concealed firearm without a permit or without even having a background check or any safety training.  What do you think about this and what can be done to change this in our city?
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How has the city of Moscow coordinated with other agencies and services to prevent, and to prepare for, the opioid crisis?
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What about public transportation in Moscow, especially as it regards seniors who are not able to get out to evening meetings and weekend activities?
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Closing Remarks
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