April 25, 2018

Latah County Fairgrounds (Moscow, Idaho)

County Candidates Forum

County Positions
District 1 County Commissioner
Kathie LaFortune (D-Viola)
Tony Johnson (R-Viola)
District 3 County Commissioner
Carey Scott (D-Moscow)
Dave McGraw (R-Troy)
County Assessor
Rod Wakefield (D-Moscow)
Annette Bieghler (R-Moscow)
County Treasurer
James Gilder (R-Troy)
Jan Ahles (R-Princeton)
Cindy Agidius (R-Moscow)
Peggy Gottschalk (R-Viola)
BJ Swanson (D-Troy)
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Q1 Commissioner Candidates:  How do you feel about the Latah Trail?
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Q2 Treasurer Candidates:  What do you feel is the most important job of the Treasurer?
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Q3 Assessor Candidates:  Do you plan to put information about individual property values online and accessible to the public?
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Q4 Commissioner Candidates:  What do you feel is the most important job of the commission?
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Q5 Commissioner Candidates:  What is your position on the expansion of Highway 95 from Forum Creek to Moscow?
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Q6 Assessor Candidates:  What is the most important aspect of your job and how much time are you willing to devote to it?
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Q7 Treasurer Candidates:  What are some of the innovations and changes that you would bring to the office?
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Q8 Commissioner Candidates:  What are your views on guns in K12 schools and guns on campus at the University of Idaho?
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Q9 Treasurer Candidates:  Will you be comfortable performing calculations affecting the vounty with far-reaching consequences?
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Q10 Commissioner Candidates:  Has the indigent fund grown or is it in decline?  Please explain.
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