April 19, 2017

1912 Community Center (Moscow, Idaho)

An update on the services provided by CHAS at Latah Community Health was presented at the League of Women Voters of Moscow forum on April 19th in the Fiske Room of Moscow's 1912 Community Center.


Amy Isabelle and Lindsey Ruivivar discussed medical, dental, pharmacy, and behavioral services offered.  They touched briefly on how those services are funded.


Isabelle is the clinic's administrator and manages its day-to-day operations.  She has been a registered nurse for 25 years.  Ruivivar is in charge of grants management at CHAS Health.


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Introduction, CHAS Clinic
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Part 1, CHAS Clinic
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Part 2, CHAS Clinic
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Part 3, CHAS Clinic
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Part 4, CHAS Clinic
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Part 5, CHAS Clinic
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