December 13, 2017

1912 Community Center (Moscow, Idaho)

Dr. John Rusche discussed "Single Payer Systems and American Healthcare" at the League of Women Voters of Moscow (LWV-Moscow) forum in the Fiske Room of Moscow’s 1912 Community Center.


His talk reviewed some of the models of healthcare and healthcare financing among industrialized nations, and pointed to some common values that might lead to a better, more stable U.S. system.


He also discussed the latest Idaho proposal to seek waivers under Medicaid and the Affordable Care Act.


Born in Wisconsin, Rusche attended Notre Dame for college and Washington University in St. Louis for medical school. He and wife, Kay, started practice at Valley Medical Center in Lewiston in 1980. In 1995, he moved to Blue Shield of Idaho (now Regence) as medical director, retiring after 11 years. He has served as the Chief of Staff at St Joseph Regional Medical Center and secretary-treasurer of the Idaho Pediatrics society.


In 2004, he ran for the Idaho House of Representatives and was re-elected five times. He served on the Idaho House Health and Welfare, Environment, Energy and Technology, and Business committees, the Health Care Task force, and as the House Minority Leader from 2008 to 2016. He was also the co-chairman of the Joint Legislative Oversight Committee which authorizes quality improvement investigations of state performance. In addition, he is a board member of Your Health Idaho, the Idaho health insurance exchange and the Idaho Health Quality Planning Commission.

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